Registration Procedures & Help

1. Registration Checklist

1.1 To register for a course:

  1. A deposit of 25% of your total program fee is paid. This reserves your place in the program
  2. Course Registration form has been completed
  3. Online Health Questionnaire and Release Form have been completed
  4. Where clients are participating in courses involving horses, an agreement to participate in equine psychotherapy and learning sessions has been completed and submitted
  5. Email or written confirmation is received by you that your registration and payment have been successfully processed


You will be notified when a program has been confirmed. Adventures in Awareness is not responsible for travel arrangements made before we confirm that the program has sufficient enrolment.

1.2 Your registration is complete when:

  1. Email or written confirmation is received by you that the program has attained sufficient enrolment numbers and will go ahead
  2. The balance of payment has been received by Adventures in Awareness. This must have been completed XXX – talk to David – days after the confirmation of the course of days before the course going ahead?

2. Cancellation Policy

2.1 If Adventures in Awareness Cancels a Program:

If a minimum number of people are not registered in a program three to four weeks prior to the start date, the program might be cancelled. If Adventures in Awareness cancels a program due to low enrolment, registered participants will be given a full refund, or they can transfer their deposit to another program held within one year of the cancellation date.

2.2 If you cancel your registration

To engage in any personal growth process can be a challenging experience. It is not unusual for fear, resistance or an apparent late scheduling conflict to surface as the time of your program nears. We believe that whatever arises is part of the therapeutic process of growth and the exploration of personal meaning. Thus, our cancellation policy is designed to support you in keeping your commitment to yourself, and in supporting staff as they prepare for the program.

2.2.1 Deposits are non- refundable

2.2.2 If notice of cancellation is received within 48 hours of a program start, all payment is forfeited. Alternatively, you are welcome to send someone else in your place, pending approval by Adventures in Awareness, with costs to be managed independent of Adventures in Awareness.

2.2.3 If notice of a cancellation is received within 30 days or less of a program, your deposit will be forfeited. All payments over and above the deposit amount will be refunded

2.2.4 If notice of cancellation is received at least 31 days prior to the start of a program, deposits will be forwarded as a credit to another program. This deposit must be applied to another program within a year of the cancellation having been made or it will be forfeited.

2.2.5 Credits may be transferred to another program one time only and the balance of payment will be required as described under completing your registration (1.2). If the transfer of credit is not used within one year of the cancellation date or the recipient of that transfer cancels their enrolment, the credit is forfeit and an alternative participant will not be permitted.

2.2.6 Any transfer of deposit to another program will incur a $40.00 processing fee.

3. Payment Policy

3.1 Deposit: 25% of the total registration fee reserves your place in the program

3.2 Final Payment: We ask that you make final payment arrangements no less than a fortnight before the course is run

4. Financial Aid – to be added

5. Refusal of Service:

Adventures in Awareness reserves the right to screen participants for compatibility with Adventures in Awareness programs. For the safety of all participants, including the horses (where these are to be included), we require that participants be in good physical, mental and emotional health. We reserve the right to refuse or delay involvement in a program based on our assessment of these criteria.

6. Current Programs

List each current program title with links to each so that people can register – see Animas Valley Website – down the side of the page

7. To Register Offline

Contact Helen Gibbs on XXXXXXXXX for offline registration information. All calls will be answered between 9.00 and 5.00, from Monday to Friday.

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